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Educational Trips

Our educational trips are categorized under various themes as follows :

1) Camping & Trekking trips :

Such trips help the students to develop leadership and team working skills, positive mental attitude, problem solving ability and develop love and responsibility towards nature and its conservation.

2) Science & Technology Trips :

The students are taken to domestic / international destinations which have Science and Technology Centers to impart them practical knowledge of the ongoing developments in this area. Such trips are packaged as Edutainment trips to give the students the element of fun along with learning.

3) Wildlife Excursions :

Such trips are usually taken to world’s famous Wildlife Parks to make the students witness the wildlife in their natural habitat. Students also learn the importance of Wildlife conservation, ecological balance and co-existence. Apart from guided wildlife safaris, the students are engaged in the presentations by wildlife experts, movies on wildlife and visits to museums and local village craft centers.

4) Heritage Tours :

We believe that the best way to learn and comprehend the history is to actually visit the places of heritage and historical importance. When the students themselves visit and see such places, they are not required to mug up history lessons, the history gets imprinted in their minds and hearts forever. Such trips also help them develop the sense of pride in their own cultural heritage.